what is brand fiction?
Brand Fiction is original narrative and mythology built around a brand's unique promise.  Brand Fiction is valuable not only as a marketing vehicle but as pure entertainment that can ultimately be franchised. Brand Fiction brings a brand to life in a way that validates and encourages consumers to create a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the brand, turning prospects into enthusiasts who spread the brand story.

what brand fiction isn't.
Brand fiction isn't new, exactly. Storytelling has played an important role in marketing ever since Eve sold the apple. What's changed is how the brand story is told, and where. For years, bringing the brand message home to consumers meant delivering it via broadcast and print. But evolving technologies have disrupted old systems, changing the nature of entertainment, which must now accommodate the complex array of media platforms in which the consumer today feels at home.

At Brand Fiction Factory, we transform traditional, one-way advertising communication into entertainment that elicits real-time conversation essential to engaging and building brand audience today.